Groom's Ring 101

31 January, 2018 Groom ring

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After the big romantic proposal, you've shared your love and excitement with your family and friends, the count down begins with wedding planning. One of the biggest to-dos for all couples is to start picking out the groom's ring. The groom usually doesn't have as many ring design choices as the bride's engagment ring and wedding bands, but that doesn't mean we don't have the answers and methods to narrow down your biggest questions about chosing your groom's ring!

Who buys the ring for the groom?

There are no set rules these days as to whom should buy the groom's ring. Some opt for the bride to buy it, and others may also decide to split the cost. It's really all up to you and your significant other. Communication and participating in every step of your wedding planning process can bring couples even closer together. This is an experience that you two will share forever so make it your own.

When should you buy the groom's ring?

Usually it's best to buy it at least 2 months before the wedding, to allow for enough time for any alternations or exchanges. For example, if the ring size need to be adjusted, or the engraving is wrong, you'll have enough time to fix it!

Here's a really helpful questionnaire that you can work on together as a couple to decide what to buy for each other's wedding jewelry. 

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Groom's Ring Questionnaire:

1. What about your significant other that you love the most?

2. What are his personality traits that made you fall in love with him?

3. What is his fashion sense and style? Is his style modern, traditional, hipster, preppy, sporty, rocker, or professional?

4. What is your favorite look or style that your significant other wears that you love?

5. What are your budgets like?

6. Does he have a specific brand or type of metal they like? With or without engraving? Discuss and decide together with he prefers, best for his taste and style.

7. What's your groom's lifestyle? This will help to determine what type of metal you should get. For example titanium is super durable, not too expensive, light-weight and hypoallergenic. Where as platinum is durable, but is more expensive and is heavy. Silver is affordable, but not as durable. Gold is more durable in lower carats, thus 14K is the most recommended.

8. What's his ring size?

Always remember, your wedding jewelry is all about the two of you, thus complimentary bridal jewelry has to be loved by both. They represent the both of you, your love, respect, and eternal bond. Happy wedding jewelry shopping!


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