True Love - When People Say, "You just know."

21 February, 2018 Rawpixel com 243094

It's that age-old question, how do you know when it's true love?  In a world of dating apps, meeting several new potential love interests at once, and flooded with multiple dates per week, feelings can get confused and muffled.  Plus when you meet people through family or friends, because they are always trying to set up you with "the perfect man or woman," how do you know when it's "true love?"  There's so many fish in the sea, as the saying goes.

They "just get you."

Source: Jon Asato

I've recently come across a friend of mine that explained it perfectly.  It's way beyond the obvious physical attraction, looks, their occupation, their favorite music or movies, and their favorite foods and restaurants.  She said, "It's that nuance, connecting and knowing the other person gets the odd and different angles in which you view the world, that's true love."

Wow.  Never have I saw it that way.  What does that mean?  You just know.  It means when your fiance can understand your point of view in big and small things in life.  The way you see things, the way you think, the way you feel.  It's not 100%, but the closeness in the connection that you have is definitely close to that number.

When you feel butterflies fluttering in your veins every time you think of the other person.

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Anything that the other person does just is, is amazing or funny, and sexy.  As they say, in the eye of the lover, everything is perfect.  It's not that things don't get real over time, but essentially you always have this really positive vibe and feeling for your "the one."  Through the ups and downs, that respect, appreciation, and gratitude towards your "the one" will always be there.

You really know if two people are good together if they can cook together.

Why?  As my friend says, "if you can't manage to make a good meal together, it means you will have some ways of doing things in life that you can't compromise on."  Again, it's "the little things."  That makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?

The lessons are, it's all about the little things.  Of course, the bigger picture ideals have to align too, like financial management, if you want kids, where you want to live, and how supportive you are with the other person's career goals.  But when it comes to "true love", or what they say "love at first sight," that "butterfly feeling," you have to look closer, at the minuscule nuances, in between the lines.  Only your heart and instincts can tell.

Love rules!  Share with us your thoughts on what true love is, and your story of how you knew your bae was "the one."

Happy lovin!